WirecardAG Merchant Account Provider United Kingdom

Solution Type: Acquiring PSP

Merchant Account Provider
 WirecardAG is one of the leading international providers of electronic payment and risk management solutions. Worldwide, Wirecard supports over 9,700 companies from many and various industry segments in automating their payment processes and minimizing cases of default.

Wirecard Bank AG provides account and credit card services both for business and private customers and is a Principal Member of VISA, MasterCard and JCB. The Internet payment service Wirecard enables consumers to make secure payments at millions of MasterCard acceptance outlets worldwide. In addition, registered users can send or receive money orders to each other on a
real-time basis. Wirecard AG is listed on the Frankfurt Securities Exchange (TecDAX, ISIN
DE0007472060, WDI).

Standard Merchant Account Costings
fee of 33.00 initially


fee of 19.00 monthly


0.23 per transaction

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solution against other providers as well as output a detailed cost breakdown.

Settlement Period = 3 days

Strategic Contact:
Name: Christian Reindl

Telephone: +49 (089) 4424 – 0400

Email: sales@wirecard.com

Enquiries & Sales

Telephone: +49 (089) 4424 – 0400

Email: sales@wirecard.com

Merchant Account Application

Security Cost (Pound):
Address Verification Service fee of 33.00 initially


[ pertaining to : ]

0.10 per transaction

Card Verification Code (also CVV2 or CSC) is part of the package
Fraud Screening is part of the package
MasterCard Secure Code is part of the package
Miscellaneous features Cost (Pound):
Co branding with payment solution is part of the package
Fully customisable payment pages is part of the package
Periodic / Scheduled / Subscription billing is part of the package
Pre authorisation (Deferred payments and automated capture) is part of the package
Real time Transaction Reports is part of the package
Virtual terminal fee of 10.00 monthly
Monthly statements, transaction logs, reporting is part of the package
Integration of acquiring banks Cost (Pound):
N/A (acquiring only applicable to PSP solutions) is part of the package
Credit cards accepted Cost (Pound):
JCB is part of the package
Mastercard is part of the package
Visa is part of the package
Debit cards Cost (Pound):
Maestro is part of the package
Solo is part of the package
Maestro (formerly switch) is part of the package
Visa Electron is part of the package
Premium cards accepted Cost (Pound):
American Express is part of the package
Diners Club is part of the package
Other payment methods accepted Cost (Pound):
Currency compatibility Cost (Pound):
Multi currency is part of the package
E-commerce software integration Cost (Pound):
OsCommerce is part of the package
Compatible integration technologies Cost (Pound):
HTTP POST is part of the package
XML api is part of the package
SOAP interface is part of the package

The information on this merchant account comparison datasheet is provided
 WirecardAG and was last verified by WirecardAG
on 01/Dec/2009

  • WirecardAG is owned by: AG (German Public Company)
    and has been trading since 2000

Notes: Costs: Wirecard offers services concerning financial
transaction processing to companies. From the comprehensive services all around payment
processing, financial service providers, banks, credit card companies or Internet payment
service providers select the service modules. The right payment processing tool for small
online businesses. Easy to set up, easy to calculate. To ensure safe and riskless payment
processing and to enhance your fraud protection measures we strongly recommend the
implementation of our Wirecard AFS (Advanced Fraud Protection