Splash plastic card Merchant Account Provider UK

Splash plastic card

Stand-alone prepaid cashcard solution – quick and simple to install

Solution Type: Prepaid Ecash Card

Merchant Account Provider


Splash Plastic is a unique prepayment solution for people who do not have or do not wish to use, a credit or debit card online.

Due to unparralled security measure, the Splash Plastic payment solution guarantees you, the merchant, payment everytime.

Costs are agreed individually with merchants, please call to discuss. The costs highlighted below are only intended as a guide.


Standard Merchant Account Costings
fee of 500.00 initially


higher of


fee of 95.00


0.25 per transaction


4.00% of turnover

} monthly

You can use our electronic payments comparison tool to forecast the actual cost of this
solution against other providers as well as output a detailed cost breakdown.

Settlement Period = 28 days

Strategic Contact:

Name: Zeni tekeli , Martin Prout

Telephone: 020 7535 8850

Email: mediainfo@splashplastic.com

Enquiries & Sales

Telephone: 020 7 535 8878

Email: merchantinfo@splashplastic.com

Merchant Account Application

Security Cost (Pound):
Address Verification Service is part of the package
Card Verification Code (also CVV2 or CSC) is part of the package
Verified by Visa fee of 10.00 monthly


fee of 50.00 initially

Miscellaneous features Cost (Pound):
Co branding with payment solution is part of the package
Periodic / Scheduled / Subscription billing is part of the package
Pre authorisation (Deferred payments and automated capture) is part of the package
Virtual terminal is part of the package
Integration of acquiring banks Cost (Pound):
N/A (acquiring only applicable to PSP solutions) is part of the package
Other payment methods accepted Cost (Pound):
Cash payments / top ups is part of the package
Currency compatibility Cost (Pound):
United Kingdom, Pounds (Sterling) is part of the package
E-commerce software integration Cost (Pound):
Intershop is part of the package
Compatible integration technologies Cost (Pound):
HTTP POST is part of the package
Java servlets is part of the package
PERL CGI is part of the package
PHP is part of the package
ASP is part of the package

The information on this merchant account comparison datasheet is provided
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 Splash plastic card on 25/Mar/2009

  • Splash plastic card is owned by: Investors: GE Capital,
    Arts Alliance, Global Retail Partners, Sussex Place Investment Management
    and has been trading since 2001

Notes: virtual terminal in pipeline for 1st 1/4 of