PPPay.com Merchant Account Provider UK

Solution Type: Person 2 Person

Merchant Account Provider Description: PPPay is an online payment
system that enables businesses and individuals who are trading online to send and receive escrow and instant payments in GBP’s, Euro’s and US Dollar using Visa and Mastercard debit and credit cards.

See Notes for detailed of costs.

Standard Merchant Account Costings
higher of


1.00% of turnover


0.69 per transaction

} monthly


[ pertaining to : CREDIT ]

1.95% of turnover


[ pertaining to : DEBIT ]

0.00 per transaction

Strategic Contact:
Name: Contact via email

Telephone: Contact via email

Email: info@pppay.com

Enquiries & Sales

Email: support@pppay.com

Merchant Account Application Online: http://www.pppay.com/

You can use our electronic payments comparison tool to forecast the actual cost of this
solution against other providers as well as output a detailed cost breakdown.

Settlement Period = 3 days

Miscellaneous features Cost (Pound):
Co branding with payment solution is part of the package
Credit cards accepted Cost (Pound):
Mastercard is part of the package
Visa is part of the package
Debit cards Cost (Pound):
Solo is part of the package
Visa Delta is part of the package
Visa Electron is part of the package
Other payment methods accepted Cost (Pound):
UK Banks (one off or standing order) is part of the package
Currency compatibility Cost (Pound):
Euro Member Countries, Euro is part of the package
United Kingdom, Pounds (Sterling) is part of the package
United States of America, Dollars is part of the package
E-commerce software integration Cost (Pound):
ClickCart Pro is part of the package
Red Eye Media – Shop Builder is part of the package
Remotebasket is part of the package
Compatible integration technologies Cost (Pound):
HTTP POST is part of the package

The information on this merchant account comparison datasheet is provided
PPPay.com and was last verified by PPPay.com
on 25/Mar/2009

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Notes: Costs:GBP Send Free above 75.00GBP and 0.39GBP below US
Dollars Send Free above 200.00USD and 0.75USD below Euro Send Free above 200.00EUR and 0.75EUR
below. Recieve money, Debit card free, Credit card 1.95%. Withdraw money from your PPPay
account 1% minimum 0.69GBP or 1.25USD/EUR . Free to send and receive internal transactions and
free to currency exchange. Ideal for online businesses and online auction users. PPPay is
affiliated with eBid.co.uk. Can send 100.00GBP/USB or EUR.