DataCash Merchant Account Provider UK

Solution Type: Payment Service Provider (PSP)

Merchant Account Provider

Description: DataCash Group PLC (AIM: DATA), a market leading provider of International payment processing solutions, provides merchants with a single interface that allows them to process secure payments, both on and offline, globally.

DataCash also provides a range of value added services with its fraud and
Risk Management solutions supporting AVS, CV2, 3-D Secure (Verified by Visa and MasterCard Secure Code) together with traditional rules-based screening. DataCash provides first-class service reliability at a fraction of the price of an in-house solution, servicing clients within the retail, travel, telecommunications and (non US) gaming sectors.

Standard Merchant Account Costings
fee of 960.00 annually


higher of


fee of 100.00


0.10 per transaction

} monthly

Strategic Contact:

Name: Tim McCall, MJ2 Business Communications

Telephone: 020 7491 7794


Enquiries & Sales

Telephone: +44 (0)870 72 74 76 1


Merchant Account Application Online:

You can use our electronic payments comparison tool to forecast the actual
cost of this solution against other providers as well as output a detailed cost breakdown.

Settlement Period = 3 days

Security Cost (Pound):
3D Secure: (Verified by Visa and Mastercard Secure Code) fee of 3000.00 initially
Address Verification Service is part of the package
Bin Range Restrictions – Screening of territories and Countries fee of 90.00 annually
Card Verification Code (also CVV2 or CSC) is part of the package
Retail Decisions fee of 200.00 annually


0.20 per transaction

Miscellaneous features Cost (Pound):
ceiling limits fee of 90.00 annually
Fully customisable payment pages is part of the package
Periodic / Scheduled / Subscription billing fee of 200.00 annually


0.50 per transaction

Pre authorisation (Deferred payments and automated capture) is part of the package
Virtual terminal is part of the package
Integration of acquiring banks Cost (Pound):
Alliance and Leicester is part of the package
Allied Irish bank is part of the package
American Express is part of the package
EuroConex – (Alliance and Leicester / Bank of Ireland) is part of the package
Halifax Bank of Scotland Merchant Services is part of the package
Barclaycard Business is part of the package
GE Consumer Finance is part of the package
HSBC is part of the package
Streamline RBS is part of the package
Credit cards accepted Cost (Pound):
JCB is part of the package
Mastercard is part of the package
Visa is part of the package
Debit cards Cost (Pound):
Solo is part of the package
Maestro (formerly switch) is part of the package
Visa Delta is part of the package
Visa Electron fee of 200.00 annually
Premium cards accepted Cost (Pound):
American Express fee of 200.00 annually
E-commerce software integration Cost (Pound):
Don’t publish a list – please contact sales/enquiries is part of the package
Compatible integration technologies Cost (Pound):
PHP is part of the package
XML api is part of the package

The information on this merchant account comparison
datasheet is provided by
 DataCash and was last verified
 DataCash on 25/Mar/2009

  • DataCash is owned by: DataCash Group PLC
    and has been trading since 1997

Notes: DataCash is a fully accredited BACS bureau (BAB).

DataCash supports AUDDIS Paperless Online Direct Debit and Direct Credit.

DataCash supports Level 3 Line Item Detail (VISA VEGIS) required to process Visa Corporate
Purchasing Cards.

FREE test account available for testing without committing to the licence fee.