Merchant account comparisons for UK companies

A merchant account is simply an account which makes it possible for you to accept credit card payments from your customers and then afterward deposit the sales amount, after paying a minimal processing fee, into your own personal bank account.

There are a diverse range of such that makes it possible to make merchant account comparisons in order to accommodate all the different types of business and merchant accounts.

There is the small business merchant account that makes use of Dial Pay, which is simply a cell phone that is used to process credit cards.  This type is especially ideal for mobile merchants as well.

And then there is the wireless merchant account. They are used with wireless terminals.  You can also find accounts that are particular to businesses that carry out a very large volume of transactions and a various range of said transaction.

Then there is the retail account, which is the one that encompasses the face to face card transactions.  There is the Mail to Order Telephone Accounts which are for cardholders who are not around during the transactions. This is typically for those online businesses.

The Six Point Process In Detail

With a good number of these merchant accounts, you will be able to accept the payment funds into your bank account within two business days.  However, these payment funds are as a rule not deposited on the weekends or holidays.

There are also a few instances wherein it might take up at least four to five business days for the payment funds for the accounts that are considered a higher risk due to poor credit issues to be deposited.  This is due to the security red tape, so to speak.

Also, some merchant service providers might also find it easier to lengthen the deposit time for those merchants that would otherwise not have been approved.

In contrast, many of the merchant account processors will consent to giving you what is called a zero day hold or a next day funding.  In such a case you will receive your funds the very next business day.

By doing merchant accounts comparisons, you will be able to determine which merchant account is the best that will fit you and your business. Fill out our form today and we’ll do all the hard work for you.